That moment you realize you might be 70 years old…

My drivers license still says 22, at least for the month.

But I’m fresh out of my second music festival in 3 weeks, and I’m beginning to think my parents are lying about my birth year.

For an allergy-ridden asthmatic, FYF can be a struggle. Every year by Sunday I wind-up on the floor somewhere wheezing (without fail), covered in dust and bbq sauce…yet I always come back for more. Raise your hand if you had some brews with your 24-hour zyrtec and fell asleep in the beer garden to Washed Out! Just me? Oh.

Defeated, I sit on my couch reflecting on the weekend, and all I can think about is how much ass Kim Deal kicks.

At 52 she’s still doing exactly what she’s been doing all along, playing perfect rock music for us. I don’t have the chance to see women above the age of 26 rocking out on stage often, I mean really rocking. That said, seeing The Breeders was a treat, and as it turns out, pretty damn inspiring.

Fortunately for us, this FYF line-up was jam packed with ladies of all ages who know how to shred (see Lemuria, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine).

Lesson learned: Next year, I’ll be armed with my chick punk band, non-drowsy allergy medication, and some zeal. See you from the stage my friends.

On a completely separate note, how great was this song live?

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