Hailu Hypnosis

In the spirit of labels reissuing rare, electronic-synth based 80s African music this year (i.e Gongbanter favorite William Onyeabor), I’d like to spread the word about the magical Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument. After picking up his record per a staff recommendation at my favorite Santa Barbara-based record store (Warbler, duh), I was thrilled to find that one of my favorite blogs, Awesome Tapes From Africa, released it on wax. In short, the record represents a collection of traditional Ethiopian songs performed by Mergia, an Ethiopian musical legend who made his name playing in the Walias Band (a description that doesn’t do his rich musical history justice). While his vocals are mostly absent on this recording, he speaks through his accordion, analog synth and electric piano, expressing warm, hypnotic arrangements.

3 Comments on “Hailu Hypnosis”

  1. Kevin Evans says:

    Just bought the album, every single song is a winner. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • rye says:

      Hey Kevin!

      Rye here. So glad you liked the Hailu Mergia enough to purchase it! That was definitely one of my favorites of last year, and is still on rotation for me.

      Thanks for the feedback, and for reading!!

      Cheers, Rye

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