Music to Enjoy the Super Bowl XLVIII to…

We are starting a new series of special posts called “Music to…”

Each week we’ll choose a relevant topic and put together a playlist to do it to.

This week: THE SUPER BOWL.

1. Let’s warm up with some Drinking in the Morning by Trampled by Turtles — caitiebee

2. Amidst your day drinking of the finest boxed wine you found on sale, you realize, out loud, the truth (in vino veritas): FOOTBALL IS WAR. And we want it. YOU want it, you bloodthirsty yokel. So join in the chorus as the teams take the field to We Want War by These New Puritans –rye

3. Food and Pussy by Dan Reeder, no not Dan Reeder formally of the Los Angeles Raiders, but Dan Reeder son of a minister from Louisiana. This is how I suspect men feel when they watch Super Bowl commercials. — caitiebee

4.   For many, Super Bowl ad spots (rumored to cost around 4 million a pop) are the highlights of the day; not all that “sportball nonsense” in between. Advertisers coercively subject us to so many different places, people and situations that’s it’s easy to feel like a tourist in your own home. Celebrate your embrace of capitalism’s stranglehold on you to the rawness of At Home He’s A Tourist by Gang Of Four –rye

5. HALFTIME: The most exciting part of this year’s Super Bowl (IMHO) will be Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers taking the stage together, if Ke$ha and Rick Ross showed up it would be the guiltiest/greatest half an hour of my life.  A girl can dream…but until then check out this Major Lazer remix of Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars.  — caitiebee

6.  Does “Jesus Make the ‘Shotgun’ Sound?” You may argue yes, if you believe he’s actually Peyton Manning– “The Sheriff,” career/franchise resurrector and new mile-high messiah of the Denver Broncos. Ponder this, and your own existence…while you listen to Janessa Sais Quoi by Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound –rye

7. New York is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron, because city life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be — caitiebee

8. What do Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and filmmaker David “Peaks Mode” Lynch share besides a surname? An impartiality to interviews. Anyway, for some, a Super Bowl viewing party may just be an event where you discover that someone you loved is with someone else. Like in David Lynch’s track, Football Game. Wind down, post-game, to this hazy blues number. –rye


As mentioned in the last post, we used to frequent a co-op called Biko in college. They had this tiny, poorly ventilated (but very well decorated) garage that they’d throw shows in. By the time that our 4 years in Santa Barbara were up, we’d seen a WIDE array of acts…from spoken word about “kitties” to Harry and the Potters to folk-punk like Andrew Jackson Jihad to Adult Swim and Christian Science public television personality David Liebehart (a show that I still to this day have not fully digested). It was a wacky and sweaty scene, but always an unforgettable time (for better or for worse).

Some shows were good, others were just downright odd, but often we’d stumble across incredible gems that we could have never have seen otherwise.

As I’ve gathered, Berkeley has this scene but on steroids. I’ve never visited, but I have picked up on some of their local bands. Here’s the song I’ve had on repeat all week, straight out of the Berkeley co-ops with a tropical twist, take a listen to Waterstrider.

Biko had it’s own talent flourish by the way, check out my personal favorite Heavy Flow.

Every Baby Cries The Same

Happy National Tempura day, everyone! Today’s track comes from the Make-Up; one of the many projects of man, myth and legend, Ian Svenonius. Choosing a single Make-Up track has proven difficult, but I enjoy this one because of its implications regarding the nature versus nurture “debate”: at a certain point, all babies are ideologically clean slates. As the tune goes, “every baby cries the same/doest matter where they’re from…fat babies, rich babies, poor babies.”

The lyrics made me think of a line from David Cross’s “It’s Not Funny” stand-up album in which he points out that no baby’s first words are prejudiced or xenophobic; hateful views and attitudes of other races and cultures have to be taught.

So remember that future parents…and if you have a child due, or better yet, are trying to conceive, throw on this album (“I Want Some”)! It happens to be incredibly sexy, and also includes the classic, “We’re Having A Baby.”

Postscript: Svenonius’s most current project, Chain And the Gang, has recently embarked on a short West Coast tour, stopping off in downtown LA’s OOOGA BOOGA tonight, and Gongbanter favorite Biko Garage in Santa Barbara tomorrow night. Don’t miss.