Every Baby Cries The Same

Happy National Tempura day, everyone! Today’s track comes from the Make-Up; one of the many projects of man, myth and legend, Ian Svenonius. Choosing a single Make-Up track has proven difficult, but I enjoy this one because of its implications regarding the nature versus nurture “debate”: at a certain point, all babies are ideologically clean slates. As the tune goes, “every baby cries the same/doest matter where they’re from…fat babies, rich babies, poor babies.”

The lyrics made me think of a line from David Cross’s “It’s Not Funny” stand-up album in which he points out that no baby’s first words are prejudiced or xenophobic; hateful views and attitudes of other races and cultures have to be taught.

So remember that future parents…and if you have a child due, or better yet, are trying to conceive, throw on this album (“I Want Some”)! It happens to be incredibly sexy, and also includes the classic, “We’re Having A Baby.”

Postscript: Svenonius’s most current project, Chain And the Gang, has recently embarked on a short West Coast tour, stopping off in downtown LA’s OOOGA BOOGA tonight, and Gongbanter favorite Biko Garage in Santa Barbara tomorrow night. Don’t miss.

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