Music to Weather the Winter to…

Hello friends! As some of you may have heard, part time Punxsutwawney Phil decided to grace us with his furry presence this last Sunday, observing his own shadow on a nippy Sunday morning at Gobbler’s Knob. In other words, we’re due for six more weeks of ungodly winter weather.

To our friends on the east coast/mid-west/rest of the country, we want you to know that we feel your pain (it dropped to 50 degrees here in LA the other day!), and that when the cold feels unbearable, just remember the words of Sean Lennon’s mother: “Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.” So while Old Man Winter rages, throw on this playlist in another addition of “Music to…”

Na Zdorovie!

1. Let’s start out raw with Jay Reatard – My Shadow. ‘Cause while the iconoclast in me scoffs at the tradition of Groundhog Day, another part of me wishes that my shadow held the same amount of climatic predictability. But sometimes you’re just given a shit hand in life. –rye

2. It rained in Los Angeles last night! I’m no climatologist, and I  haven’t a clue what that means for our mega-drought…but until we seem on solid footing I’ll keep doing my rain dance to I Sing Rain by Gary Numan. –caitiebee

3. Speaking of rain, this is my favorite song to listen to in the rain, All Living Things by Katie Kim. If you want more on her check out the post below. –caitiebee

4. You’ve become restless and claustrophobic after your 6th day snowed in your vacation cottage with your least favorite side of the family, and the only way left to cope is to put on music that reflects your state of mind. So try the frenzied Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ “Cabin Fever!” –rye

5. Or maybe this has given you an opportunity to spend all your time indoors with your significant other. If so, the vibey, cosmic disco of Heroes Of The Galleon Trade’s “Winter Island Romance” may suit you and your partner better. –rye

6. When I lived in Berlin, I learned they just boogie their pain away in sub-zero temperatures. Shake your booty to some Dip Dap by Siriusmo, you’ll feel better I promise! –caitiebee

7. In some areas, the snow may be nice enough to play in, or maybe even make snow angels in. But instead of playing a track from XTC’s New Wave classic “Drums & Wires” like you usually do, throw on a track from “Lure of the Salvage”; a collection of sludgy, tripped out semi-dub versions of former XTC tracks, melded together by Andy Partridge himself. Let’s say, I Sit In The Snow by Mr. Partridge. –rye

8. Meanwhile in California…Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst. –caitiebee

And this song hasn’t made it to youtube yet…

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