Music to Repent to…

‘Tis the season for atonement, alms-giving and mortification of the flesh! That is, according to the Christian liturgical calendar.

That being said, we realize that many of you at the very least may take the next 40 days and nights to give up a particular vice(s). So why not let a curated Gongbanter playlist accompany your journey into self-denial?

1.  As Scottish Sophisti-pop quartet Orange Juice sings, “Rip it up and start again”…to live the baptismal life in its fullness! –rye

2. Of course we need a song about Jesus, The Hollies’ Jesus Was A Crossmaker –caitiebee

3.  Caramel – Connan Mockasin If John Waters and Ariel Pink got it on (and Michael McDonald watched), the resulting child would look something like Connan Mockasin. As far as his sound goes, the Quietus aptly describes it as the “sound of an elf singing in the bath.” Anyway, I’d give up many things for Lent, but never caramel. Nor Connan Mockasin. –rye

4.  PJ Harvey – Written On the Forehead Display that ash cross with pride!  –rye

5. One year, I gave up cursing for Lent. I dropped f-bombs on the inside instead. Here’s a nice song with lots of f-bombs, in case you need to get it out of you. Laura Stevenson and the cans covering Bomb The Music Industry’s It Ceases To Be Whining If You’re Still Shitting Blood. –caitiebee

6. Repent every Sunday! Sunday Morning by Gardens and Villa –caitiebee

7.  fIREHOSE – Powerful Hankerin’. Cause you know it’s comin’ if it hasn’t already! –rye

8. Careful. Once those 40 days are up, don’t sink back into a sinful stupor, Oblivion by The Seshen –caitiebee

One Comment on “Music to Repent to…”

  1. Envy says:

    This is so dank I’m converting to Christianity and snorting all these songs to celebrate.

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