Just sittin’ in a garden

Here’s a tune to start your day off right.

“Down Beside Em'” comes from Maryland-based Cotton Jones off the 2011 EP Sit Beside Your Vegetables.

I love the texture of this song. I know there is a proper musical term to describe it, but my Music Appreciation 101 is escaping me about now. As a matter of fact, the entire Cotton Jones catalog has more texture than most. One minute you’re on your couch listening to whimsical folk, the next you are in a psychedelic bayou.

And the words! Disclaimer. I’ve always been pretty awful at deciphering the deeper meaning in lyrics. I’m a melody girl. That said…superficially speaking…these lyrics have forced me out on multiple nature walks this week and had me searching for last minute camp sites up and down the California coast. I’m yet to visit a proper garden to sit in, that’s the goal of this weekend.

As it warms up in town, why not go lay down beside the vegetables?

One Comment on “Just sittin’ in a garden”

  1. Becky Moine says:

    let’s go camping woo!!

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