The Orchid Days

“His troubles are like bananas– they come in bunches!

“Quick– does this quote come from a sports announcer commenting on the current affairs of the owner of the LA Clippers, or a mysterious voice from the most recent L’Orange album?The answer is maybe both. Though for the purposes of this music blog, we’ll choose to discuss the mad scientist who seems to reside in a dark cave and emit creepy, muffled sounds from a bygone era that occasionally border on terrifying. And no, I’m not referring to Donald Sterling.

The man machine I speak of is L’Orange, whose new record “The Orchid Days” seems to transport me to a different world by way of Charon’s boat on the river Styx. Essentially a jazzy trip/hip-hop album (to crudely simplify it), his most recent release contains a beats bouillabaisse of obscure jazz loops and radio horror dramas from the 40s with guest verses from the likes of Homeboy Sandman and Blu. While I’ve struggled to identify many of these samples (no thanks to WhoSampledWho), I’ve managed to identify the source of one that appears in my favorite cut off the record, “The End”:

“What are all those sounds, all those things…that live in the dark. I don’t know. But if you want to find out– come with me.”

Turns out this voice belongs to Robert Dryden on a 1973 children’s horror story record entitled “Scary Spooky Stories.” Through this sample, L’Orange poses the question that plagues my mind throughout my countless listening experiences of this album. And by placing it more or less at the end of the record, I’m given no choice but to come with him..and listen from the beginning. Again, and again.

Check it out “The End” (feat. Billy Woods) below, and listen to the entire damn album already.


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