Music to play when the lights go out…

My Aunt Cindy keeps a running playlist of songs that she wants played at her funeral.

It’s hundreds of songs long, so from the looks of it the ceremony would last a few days, or we’d put it on shuffle and pray the computer chooses all the best ones.

With all this talk of the North Pole melting, while thousands of dead fish mysteriously wash up in Marina del Rey, and McDonald’s is catering national nutrition conferences, I’ve realized she may be ahead of the game.

So Ryan and I have started our own playlist of funeral hits and end of the world anthems! That way, if the world ends, at least you’ll know what we had planned…

Here are some highlights:

1) Let’s see Californians, will it be a forest fire, maybe a “Tidal Wave,” or all the “Earthquakes and Sharks” that finally do us in? by Thee Oh Sees and Brandston respectively – caitiebee

2)  There’s really not much (or too much?) that needs to be said about this gorgeous song from one of my favorite songwriters and lyricists ever, Bill Callahan. Smog – Dress Sexy At My Funeral – rye

3) This song is also just beautiful, and I want it at my wake – Moses Sumney cover of James Blake’s “Lindisfarne” – caitiebee

4)  The Microphones – The Gleam Pt. 2 This song has always seemed to indicate an inevitable doom and is one of the heaviest songs I’ve ever heard that features a steel drum. My coffin will be carried down the aisle (and likely dropped) to this. –rye

5)  As the world slowly ends around us, we can “swim down” in the ocean to “Warm Water” by Banks and pretend that its rapidly increasing temperature isn’t causing a rise in sea level, coastal erosion, species extinction and more powerful storm surges amongst several other terrifying events. –rye

6)  It’s a violent world, as Tomata du Plenty will remind you. Oh, and that “home is the deadliest place on earth.” Scream along with “Violent World” by The Screamers –rye

7) Before we’re swallowed up by the rising tides, “name ten songs you wanna hear again before you die, get all of your friends together and scream them” — wise words from Paul Baribeau’s “Ten Things” – caitiebee

8) Always end on a total crowd-pleaser to bring the party to a sensitive situation, J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” getting a “very emotional” re-edit – caitiebee

One Comment on “Music to play when the lights go out…”

  1. Kendyl Berna says:

    I lurv’d this one. Good writing comrades!


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