Children, listen.

I just stumbled upon a beautiful song. Burger Records shared this on their Soundcloud a few days back, just listen, and imagine my surprise…expecting another garage rock band and hearing this incredible homegrown gospel. Apparently it’s from a 2008 reissue of an old DIY record from 1968 called Children by a man named Famous L. Renfroe.

Google tells me that about all we have of Renfroe is this quote, “A long time ago I used to hear spiritual singers singing beautiful songs and I wanted to be a singer too. I first started my musical career by singing in small local groups in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. In the year 1968 I came to Seattle and started singing with local groups, but failed to find one that was stable enough to record (with) so I decided to cut an album by myself. The music was written and produced by myself who except for the drum parts, done the entire record.”


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