Are You Ready For Concentration?

We’re proud to say that after a drawn-out interim of sorts, Gongbanter is back in the saddle and ready to buckle down!

So in keeping with our love for all things female-fronted and circa ’77-80, we’re honored to share “Concentration”– a song from a group fronted by a 12-year old known simply as Chandra, and backed by members of the New York based abstract-Darkwave fixture “The Dance.”  As legend has it, The Dance were looking to form an experimental band fronted by a child, and more or less recruited the talented daughter of their acquaintance, and prominent conceptual artist, Dennis Oppenheim.  The collaboration manifested into the “Transportation EP”, which is nothing short of a post-punk/dissonant disco/melodica-infused gem.

Also, we hope the lyrics will assure you of our dedication to sharing our latest discoveries with you. Are you ready?

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