Musik to Prost to…

Some of you may head to Munich this year for Oktoberfest. I’ll warn you ahead of time, you may watch an Australian guy puke in his stein (true story) or trip over a pile of passed out men in lederhosen in the street (also a true story). You have lots to prepare for. Can’t make it to Germany this year? You are in luck – there are tons of local spots to fill your belly with hefeweizen, heck, Santa Monica has a vegan version. In honor of the Vaterland, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite German/drinking songs. Prost away!

1) The #1 rule of Oktoberfest – invest in an outfit. Trust me, that thing will come in handy for years to come (or is that just me?…) Here’s my favorite song about a lederhosen clad man – Hans-A-Plast’s Lederhosentyp. -caitiebee

2) Korpiklaani – Let’s Drink  This folk metal group is not from the Vaterland, but deserves a spot on this playlist for its ability to inspire massive beer consumption on an Andre The Giant scale. Let’s raise our weapons. –rye

3) Attendance to Oktoberfest should inspire nothing more than “celestial joy,” so why not let mostly-German Horrid Red set the mood with some dark, woozy post punk?  Horrid Red – Celestial Joy  –rye

4) Need something easier to digest, while still getting a healthy dose of Deutsch? Did you know that big acts like The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, in an attempt to woo the Vaterland, learned and performed some of their biggest hits in German? Take Marvin Gaye’s Wie Schoen Das Ist for instance. -caitiebee

5) Perhaps your are planning to visit the Vegan-fest by the sea, how about some German reggae as a soundtrack? Seeed – Aufstehen. -caitiebee

6) We’ve all been there– you wake up wondering why your lower body reeks of Blaukraut and Kasespatzle whilst a crumpled, beer-soaked Drindl stares at you from the corner of your room.  In moments like these, you really just need a good soundtrack to reflect on life’s repeated mistakes. I’ve always found that the gorgeous grooves of Krautrock royalty Cluster can aid you in this journey. Here’s “Hollywood” –rye

7) Maybe you’ll spend so long dancing in a Berlin nightclub drinking vodka and Club Mate, that you won’t even make it to Munich at all. For all you masters of the morning – Modeselektor – Berlin. -caitiebee

8) Did you guys know Dee Dee Ramone, bassist of (you guessed it) The Ramones is half German?  Did you also know that he had a solo career under the moniker “Dee Dee King” under which he experimented with rapping? Well you do now!  An arguable pinnacle of this short-lived effort is a song called “German Kid”, in which Dee Dee makes the ill-advised decision to rap in both English and German. Oh, and backing vocals provided by Debbie Harry of Blondie. And no we’re not fucking with you.  Genießen Sie! Dee Dee King – German Kid –rye

9) At some point, you’ll be tired and probably wet and definitely cold, and you’ll probably hate Oktoberfest. Here’s an angry German song for you to decompress to, the title translates to “Germany must die” – enjoy! Slime – Deutschland Muss Sterben. -caitiebee

PS: If you ever find your way to Munich – get ready for a lot of DJ Otzi.

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