Let’s talk about Touchy Mob (again)

I heard this nasty rumor that a certain cult favorite of mine was no longer making music…

But GET EXCITED! (HURRAH!) This week he released a new full length album that comes highly recommended by yours truly. You might not know him yet, but there’s no time like the present to get to know Mr. Touch Mob. (YAY!)

If I must describe it for you—the album almost sounds like what might happen if Bon Iver, Baths and Cocorosie spent the fall trapped in a haunted german castle. Though in my humble opinion his music is unlike anything else I know and worth a listen no matter who you are.

Check out his new album Let My Wild Boys Shine in the Boomers below.

Favorite track: “You Got Me in Chains Tonight”

PS: You can find my original love confession to Touchy Mob here.

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