The Legendary Marvin Pontiac

Today’s post honors one of history’s overlooked musical figures: The Legendary Marvin Pontiac. Most are quick to assert that Pontiac is a recording alias that prolific artist and musician John Lurie once released a collection of unique, Mali-influenced Blues & R&B music under.  Some may go so far as to say he’s nothing more than “a figment of Lurie’s imagination.”

But others might inform you that Pontiac is a real Detroit-born musician, citing a biography that details the troubled life of a bank robber, alien abductee, plumber’s apprentice and recipient of a beating from blues legend Little Walter. Some even recall a man that “renowned painter Jackson Pollack was reportedly such an enthusiast of that he sent Pontiac several paintings which the singer promptly threw out.”

Whether you choose to believe Pontiac is fictional or not, you can be certain that the music is real. And fantastic. Here’s my favorite selection from his “Greatest Hits” record, “Pancakes.”

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