Dearest Internet world:

Screw population growth…we did it anyway! We sent another blog out into this god-forsaken digital space. Why? Because we have some things you might want to listen to. Just two kids, who met at a community radio station, and never stopped chatting.

What can you expect? It’d be best to expect nothing but the unexpected. Instead, think of us as spelunkers, leading you off the beaten path into the crevices of the musical spectrum, and shining light on our aural gold.  Without leashes, at our leisure. We promise that the freer we run, the better it gets.

A bit about us…

Rye — Male. UCSB Film Studies graduate. Former KCSB Program Director, current Admin Assistant at Black Toast Music.  An asthmatic coffee drinker like Beethoven, except without the deafness or piano talent.  Easily seduced by reverb-soaked melodica lines.  Spends free time riding the Czech New Wave and living life on The Far Side. Not an expert, just a fan.

Caitiebee — Chick. Graduate of the University of California in beautiful Santa Barbara. NPR intern program alum. Rookie staffer at KCRW in Santa Monica. Doodler. Often seen jamming out to 80s alternative, “hipster” hop, pounding drums, sexy beats, old-school reggae, and anything with a banjo.



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