Music to Haunt the Town to…

Ahhh…the smell of pumpkins rotting in there air, there’s nothing like being home for the Halloween holiday. And the dreadful night falls on a Saturday this year, brace yourselves for the hangover (be it from the libations or a Skittles binge).

Here is a soundtrack for all you Ghouls, Goblins, Pirates, Overgrown Minions, Sexy Minions, Sexy Seductress Popes, Donald Trumps and Teeny-Tiny TAFNAPs. Be safe out there.

1)  Let’s get in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve with the noirish dread of Daughn Gibson’s “All Hell” –rye

2)  You might remember my obsession with creepy blues music from our last Halloween playlist…it hasn’t ended. Here’s “Devil Got My Woman” by Skip James –caitiebee

3)  While I usually turn to the Misfits for my Halloween/monster movie kitsch fix, why not let Sparks do it with this lesser known number “I Married A Martian” –rye

4)  It’s frightening that Lydia Lunch’s “Spooky” doesn’t have a place right next to the “Monster Mash” on all Halloween Mega-Hit compilations –caitiebee

5)  “You Must Be A Witch” by The Lollipop Shoppe is right up there with the finest campy, 60s Halloween Garage nuggets. Just make sure you don’t associate with any real witches this year  –rye

5)  And watch out for Ghosts in the Trees by Thee Oh Sees –caitiebee

6) …as well as the ghost in your house. Remember, on Halloween you’re never safe! PS: Maybe you know the Motown version, but I prefer the prolific Mark E. Smith and The Fall’s take on “There’s A Ghost In My House” –rye

7)  Want to do something really scary? Start to google “Will We Survive?” and see all of the frightful reasons why the internet thinks a zombie apocalypse is near. Or just listen to Swans and remember that it could have already started… –caitiebee

8)  Or freak yourself out with Laurie Anderson’s “The Day The Devil.” for when the Devil comes to a town near you –rye

9)  Always wait until it’s DARK ENOUGH to trick or treat, nothing haunted comes out in broad daylight, listen to HEALTH while you wait –caitiebee

10)  When you’re finally out and about, throw on “Freaking Out The Neighborhood“–  A favorite past time of this time of year (making your loved ones concerned about you, that is) —rye

12)  Anddd the song that terrifies me the absolute most that I still want to listen on repeat always and forever IxC999 by White Ring –caitiebee

Utmost Agreeable

Check out Roosevelt. If you like this song, you’ll like all of their songs. Easy as pie!

FYF 2015!

Ryan and I have attended FYF since it was Fuck Yeah Fest. Back then you had to wait in a line for hours and there was no water for purchase…though last year seemed like time warp…

Granted each year we come back wheezing and sore, and it’s always a grand old time.

Though I won’t be in attendance this year, I will definitely be there in spirit. And don’t worry, Ryan will be there–look for the one moshing to Death Grips, inhaler in hand.

1) Rejoice! Because it’s that time of year again, but this time Andrew Jackson Jihad made it out of their DIY living room and garage stages to celebrate with you. –caitiebee

2)  As usual, we anticipate a beautiful disaster— one in which stellar curation and performance meet piss-poor planning and organization. Essentially, our masochistic relationship with this festival continues, and I have no doubt it will once again drive me crazy. At least catching Kaytranada will be fun. —rye

3) I’ve sadly never seen Thee Oh Sees perform before, but they will always be a favorite. Check them out and report back please. Prep with “I Can’t Get No” –caitiebee

4) Go see Purity Ring, mostly because of this handmade light-up drum contraption –caitiebee

5)  While things have gotten better, I can’t help but recall the days when FYF turned into a dirt storm and ran out of water while the sun was still up (as Caitlin referenced earlier).  So strap on your surgical masks and orthopedic shoes for Lower Dens, and hope you don’t die in L.A. —rye

6)  FYF went from selling tickets at dirt cheap prices, to having to implement payment plans for attendees. With the Drums on the bill, you can feel a little bit better about spending all that Money. —rye

7) Tobias Jesso Jr. will have a fantastic backup band that is definitely worth showing up early for. Check out “Crocodile Tears” live on KCRW –caitiebee

8) And you know that Bloc Party will put on a great show. –caitiebee

9)  While I cross my fingers for an overcast weekend, it’ll most likely be another sunny day for us to endure (and catch one of the best live acts ever, Belle & Sebastian). —rye

10) Laura Marling seems to just get better with age. Still loving that first single off her new album, “False Hope” –caitiebee

11)  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of set Badbadnotgood puts on. They seem just as likely to bring out Ghostface Killah for a few songs, as they are to put on an improvisational jazz set. Whatever they do, it’s bound to be a great experience. —rye

12)  And hopefully yours is just like heaven. —rye


Just lean a little bit closer…

Because these roses don’t smell anything like poo-poo-poo. I can tell you nothing about Sebastian Paul, beyond the fact that he shares a name with a polish techno DJ and a member of Parliament in India. But take a listen to the song “Roses” and you’ll know immediately that he isn’t either of those things.

It’s somewhere between the creepiest club quasi-bangers and the roughest R&B you’ll ever here. That might sound terrible to you, but for me it’s fascinating. You can check out the entire album The Messiah Complex here.  I wasn’t bored for a second.

Music to Trot the Globe to…

Somehow we’ve found ourselves halfway though summer 2015.

I hope that some of you have had the chance to vacate your desk for more than a long lunch break to catch some well deserved and muy importante vacay time. And perhaps a few of you are gearing up to take off soon. Whether you’re headed to Paris, France or Paris, Texas, we’ve got some tunes to guide you on your journey.

1) We all need a trip, don’t we? Get ready with Vacationer –caitiebee

2)  Dengue Fever’s “Tiger Phone Card”, a call-and-response duet that beautifully chronicles the tribulations of a long-distance relationship, is a great travel companion for an Ambien-fueld flight across the globe to visit a significant other. —rye

3)  Speaking of Ambien-fueled plane rides, this cut from James Pants emulates the blissful experience of gazing over the ocean from the cabin window once your substance-of-choice kicks in. —rye

4) I’ve never met a city I couldn’t get lost in, loving this new cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost” by Major Lazer and MØ –caitiebee

5) Have you ever taken a night boat? I did once, from Italy to Greece, let’s just say that there were pet chickens roaming around the top deck and a few people who may or may not have been gypsies. Madness knows the madness in “Night Boat to Cairo” (Make sure you watch this video!) –caitiebee

6)  If ridesharing is your preferred means of travel (like John Waters), ask your driver to throw on Marvin Gaye’s “Hitch Hike.” —rye

7) You might just meet someone to sing along to Elastica’s “Car Song” with… –rye

8) My preferred method of travel will always be walking, putting my own footprints all over a foreign land. A Tribe Called Quest knows what I’m talking about, not to mention that Stevie Wonder sample will always brighten my day. –caitiebee

9)  You’re bound to need a taxi/uber/pedicab/chariot at some point no matter where you end up. Let Bobby Benson’s “Taxi Driver (I Don’t Care)” tag along—rye

10) Culture clashes are inevitable, but sometimes they can be so beautiful. Like that one time that Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons toured India, met the Dharohar Project and made some pretty great music. Check out “Devil’s Spoke: Sneh Ko Marg” –caitiebee

11)  The Box Tops – The Letter: A classic about about the urgency of needing to see your lover. RIP Wayne Carson, one of the song’s writers who passed earlier this week.  —rye

Let’s talk about Touchy Mob (again)

I heard this nasty rumor that a certain cult favorite of mine was no longer making music…

But GET EXCITED! (HURRAH!) This week he released a new full length album that comes highly recommended by yours truly. You might not know him yet, but there’s no time like the present to get to know Mr. Touch Mob. (YAY!)

If I must describe it for you—the album almost sounds like what might happen if Bon Iver, Baths and Cocorosie spent the fall trapped in a haunted german castle. Though in my humble opinion his music is unlike anything else I know and worth a listen no matter who you are.

Check out his new album Let My Wild Boys Shine in the Boomers below.

Favorite track: “You Got Me in Chains Tonight”

PS: You can find my original love confession to Touchy Mob here.

Happy Birthday Mr. Moz

The very first time I ever heard of Morrissey was on an airplane. I was young, and I sat next to a record label executive. Naturally he was hit with an intense game of 20 questions from me, the tiny music nerd, one of which was about the worst thing he’d ever had to do for the biz. He replied, “Work with Morrissey.”

I also remember the first time I ever actually paid any attention to Morrissey. It was my freshman year of college, and my friend Juan loaded up my computer with every Smiths song ever made. I couldn’t listen to anything else for months.

Despite the fact that you’d have to walk on eggshells just to be near him (Wait is that animal cruelty?), his music has an addictive quality that I know many of you can’t shake either. You know that you have a problem when you are crying about Morrissey over Mother’s Day brunch. Yes that really happened, yes it was me, and yes it was this year.

So let’s raise a glass to the Pope of Mope on his 56th birthday. Whether you are blaming rhino extinction on Beyonce or demanding a vegan food court, we love you.

1) Let’s start out with the reason we are all here, The Smiths. Every Smiths song is my favorite Smiths song, but this one means a lot to me in particular because it was actually the first song that I heard outside of mainstream radio, yes I remember! “Girl Afraid” -caitiebee

2)  You won’t see “Shakespeare’s Sister” on many essential Smiths lists, but it’s one of my all-time favorites and also the first I ever heard (sniff) –rye

3)  Active during the same era, The Wedding Present garnered their fair share of comparisons to The Smiths, but often wrote songs with a greater sense of aggression and urgency. So let’s hear a particularly Smithsian one, “Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft” –rye

4) Sir Elton understands the importance of a sad song. Though Morrissey has said in the past, “Bring me the head of Elton John…which is one instance in which meat would not be murder, if it were served on a plate.” Harsh! Here’s Elton John’s song “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” -caitiebee

5)  The artist known as Jobriath is said to have heavily influenced a young Steven Patrick Morrissey. Indulge in “Take Me I’m Yours“, the opener of his first album –rye

6)  While we’re excited for Morrissey’s FYF set, we realize it’d be a fool’s errand to get our hopes up, given the man’s well documented history of tour cancellations. Here’s one from a group with a Moz influence: “Cancel On Me” by Bombay Bicycle Club –rye

7) And then there’s those bands that I love mainly in part because they sound like The Smiths. Case in point – Merchandise. Love these guys. Here’s “Enemy“.  -caitiebee

8)  Voxtrot’s poetic “The Start Of Something” is so Smiths it hurts…in the best possible way. –rye

9) There are also always plenty of haters. I enjoy the Pet Shop Boys song “Miserablism” – allegedly a satire of the Moz man -caitiebee

10) And we’ll close out the playlist with another ego stroke and a Morrissey solo track, and one that makes me feel happy at that. “Sing Your Life” -caitiebee