Ripe 4 Guv

Apparently, it’s Cuffing Season! To commemorate this time of year, during which single people develop an increased desire to be in a relationship due to the cold weather that keeps them indoors, enjoy the warm “Ripe 4 Luv” from Young Guv aka Ben Cook.


Happy Friday World!

You made it! Let’s celebrate…


Need help getting through the end of Monday? Let us help! (and it’s available for free download via soundcloud)

I Wanna Go Out But I Wanna Stay Home

As all of tomorrow’s parties approach, I like to put on music from one of my new favorite singer-songwriters/avant gardeners, Courtney Barnett.  The song I’m sharing today perfectly captures the recurring conflict between my outgoing nature and overly-anxious state of mind (basically how I feel every weekend).  When I can’t decide whether to go out or not, this song is a nice reminder: nobody really cares if you don’t go to the party. Happy Friday!

Utmost Agreeable

Check out Roosevelt. If you like this song, you’ll like all of their songs. Easy as pie!

This Year’s Savage

Shilpa Ray pumps a mean, fuzzy harmonium live and sounds like Sharon Von Etten gargled glass and smoked six packs of cigarettes. I fell in love with her watching her open for Man Man and hope I can help you do the same. My favorite song from her new album “Last Year’s Savage” satirizes the idea of romanticizing a death wish, and with a titular reference to New York Dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders, warns that it rocks hard. Take a listen to “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp”:

New Eyes

At the moment, I only have eyes for Greek multi-instrumentalist Larry Gus and his inventive psychedelic pop release “I Need New Eyes.”  There’s a lot of interesting things happening on this record, and while I find it difficult to pick a single song to share (“Black Veil of Fail” is unlike anything I’ve heard in a while), I have to go with “A Set Of Replies”– a poignant but catchy song that captures the coldness I sometimes feel in this age of automated responses and rehearsed answers.

Larry Gus shares a stage with YACHT this Thursday at the Teragram Ballroom in LA. Don’t doze!