Because it’s Saturday night…

…and the feeling’s right, let’s take a listen¬†to a badass DJ and producer. La Fleur currently hails from Berlin by way of Sweden and is about to embark on her third year as resident DJ at the world famous Watergate night club. Her future in the techno capital of the world was realized in pharmaceutical school of all places- “a¬†pharmacist who found alchemy in creative control,” as Sanna La Fleur herself so aptly puts it.

Fingers crossed many more ladies follow her lead and make their way into the electronic music scene. STAT.


Kevin Martin, AKA The Bug.

From humble beginnings in abrasive industrial noise rock (see GOD ) , the warm winds of Jamaica turned him soft…at least by industrial standards.

Now these are no soft tracks and not so hot off the Ninja Tune press, but still part of my go-to summertime jams. Get pumped for some club grinding and vodka sipping tonight…or you could always just listen to it as you make dinner and paint your nails (my personal choice).

Touchy Mob

I love this man’s music…and his hair. The last time I saw him (2011), he was rocking a grizzly beard and a bowl-cut. Maybe I have a special affinity towards the bowl-cut, as I myself sported one until the age of 5, but Ludwig (AKA Touchy Mob) rocked it.

The stage name and haircut description are enough to love him too, I know, but I’m going to need you to listen to the music as well. Haunting vocals, an acoustic guitar, and nifty gizmos all play their role in the Touchy Mob catalog to create a truly unique sound, floating somewhere between singer-songwriter and club-banger.

With such a diverse range of sounds, I HIGHLY recommend checking out his entire soundcloud and bandcamp. He’ll even bless you with many of his tunes for free!!

There’s originals…


and covers…

oh my!


My first post comes to you as a warning: I have an unhealthy interest in the Germans and their music.

After I accidentally learned to speak some German, I somehow moved to Berlin for a whole year to “study” abroad. Though I’m not sure I learned anything about the government or how to correctly distinguish between der, die and das (the THREE ways to say they deemed necessary to express the word the), I did come home with a new stack of vinyl and a taste for dark electronic music. There will be plenty of time to post about the long nights spent inside of clubs staged in run-down power plants and doctors office punk shows, so for now I’ll leave you with this — a bizarre track from 2012 that sounds much better if you pretend that it was made before the wall fell.