The Fat White Family is Heaven On Earth

I can’t decide if I enjoy this group’s music or their band name better.  While I’m unsure of the intent behind the name, I can say that The Fat White Family sounds like a threesome between The Birthday Party, Bongwater and Gap Dream, along with the energy of early “Couples”-era recordings from Gongbanter favorite, The Growlers.  Makes sense that they joined the similarly scraggly miscreants for a short tour around England.

A web foray into this group’s background, live shows, or general ideology will yield disturbing, entertaining, and refreshing results, which I’ll refrain from diving into here.  So instead, I’ll offer you but a single sampling of their unnerving psychedelic garage sound, which I’m told, doesn’t hold a candle to their provocative live shows that make The Black Lips look like Yo Gabba Gabba. Taste the leather: