FYF 2015!

Ryan and I have attended FYF since it was Fuck Yeah Fest. Back then you had to wait in a line for hours and there was no water for purchase…though last year seemed like time warp…

Granted each year we come back wheezing and sore, and it’s always a grand old time.

Though I won’t be in attendance this year, I will definitely be there in spirit. And don’t worry, Ryan will be there–look for the one moshing to Death Grips, inhaler in hand.

1) Rejoice! Because it’s that time of year again, but this time Andrew Jackson Jihad made it out of their DIY living room and garage stages to celebrate with you. –caitiebee

2)  As usual, we anticipate a beautiful disaster— one in which stellar curation and performance meet piss-poor planning and organization. Essentially, our masochistic relationship with this festival continues, and I have no doubt it will once again drive me crazy. At least catching Kaytranada will be fun. —rye

3) I’ve sadly never seen Thee Oh Sees perform before, but they will always be a favorite. Check them out and report back please. Prep with “I Can’t Get No” –caitiebee

4) Go see Purity Ring, mostly because of this handmade light-up drum contraption –caitiebee

5)  While things have gotten better, I can’t help but recall the days when FYF turned into a dirt storm and ran out of water while the sun was still up (as Caitlin referenced earlier).  So strap on your surgical masks and orthopedic shoes for Lower Dens, and hope you don’t die in L.A. —rye

6)  FYF went from selling tickets at dirt cheap prices, to having to implement payment plans for attendees. With the Drums on the bill, you can feel a little bit better about spending all that Money. —rye

7) Tobias Jesso Jr. will have a fantastic backup band that is definitely worth showing up early for. Check out “Crocodile Tears” live on KCRW –caitiebee

8) And you know that Bloc Party will put on a great show. –caitiebee

9)  While I cross my fingers for an overcast weekend, it’ll most likely be another sunny day for us to endure (and catch one of the best live acts ever, Belle & Sebastian). —rye

10) Laura Marling seems to just get better with age. Still loving that first single off her new album, “False Hope” –caitiebee

11)  It’ll be interesting to see what kind of set Badbadnotgood puts on. They seem just as likely to bring out Ghostface Killah for a few songs, as they are to put on an improvisational jazz set. Whatever they do, it’s bound to be a great experience. —rye

12)  And hopefully yours is just like heaven. —rye

That moment you realize you might be 70 years old…

My drivers license still says 22, at least for the month.

But I’m fresh out of my second music festival in 3 weeks, and I’m beginning to think my parents are lying about my birth year.

For an allergy-ridden asthmatic, FYF can be a struggle. Every year by Sunday I wind-up on the floor somewhere wheezing (without fail), covered in dust and bbq sauce…yet I always come back for more. Raise your hand if you had some brews with your 24-hour zyrtec and fell asleep in the beer garden to Washed Out! Just me? Oh.

Defeated, I sit on my couch reflecting on the weekend, and all I can think about is how much ass Kim Deal kicks.

At 52 she’s still doing exactly what she’s been doing all along, playing perfect rock music for us. I don’t have the chance to see women above the age of 26 rocking out on stage often, I mean really rocking. That said, seeing The Breeders was a treat, and as it turns out, pretty damn inspiring.

Fortunately for us, this FYF line-up was jam packed with ladies of all ages who know how to shred (see Lemuria, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, My Bloody Valentine).

Lesson learned: Next year, I’ll be armed with my chick punk band, non-drowsy allergy medication, and some zeal. See you from the stage my friends.

On a completely separate note, how great was this song live?