As mentioned in the last post, we used to frequent a co-op called Biko in college. They had this tiny, poorly ventilated (but very well decorated) garage that they’d throw shows in. By the time that our 4 years in Santa Barbara were up, we’d seen a WIDE array of acts…from spoken word about “kitties” to Harry and the Potters to folk-punk like Andrew Jackson Jihad to Adult Swim and Christian Science public television personality David Liebehart (a show that I still to this day have not fully digested). It was a wacky and sweaty scene, but always an unforgettable time (for better or for worse).

Some shows were good, others were just downright odd, but often we’d stumble across incredible gems that we could have never have seen otherwise.

As I’ve gathered, Berkeley has this scene but on steroids. I’ve never visited, but I have picked up on some of their local bands. Here’s the song I’ve had on repeat all week, straight out of the Berkeley co-ops with a tropical twist, take a listen to Waterstrider.

Biko had it’s own talent flourish by the way, check out my personal favorite Heavy Flow.