Music to Haunt the Town to…

Ahhh…the smell of pumpkins rotting in there air, there’s nothing like being home for the Halloween holiday. And the dreadful night falls on a Saturday this year, brace yourselves for the hangover (be it from the libations or a Skittles binge).

Here is a soundtrack for all you Ghouls, Goblins, Pirates, Overgrown Minions, Sexy Minions, Sexy Seductress Popes, Donald Trumps and Teeny-Tiny TAFNAPs. Be safe out there.

1)  Let’s get in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve with the noirish dread of Daughn Gibson’s “All Hell” –rye

2)  You might remember my obsession with creepy blues music from our last Halloween playlist…it hasn’t ended. Here’s “Devil Got My Woman” by Skip James –caitiebee

3)  While I usually turn to the Misfits for my Halloween/monster movie kitsch fix, why not let Sparks do it with this lesser known number “I Married A Martian” –rye

4)  It’s frightening that Lydia Lunch’s “Spooky” doesn’t have a place right next to the “Monster Mash” on all Halloween Mega-Hit compilations –caitiebee

5)  “You Must Be A Witch” by The Lollipop Shoppe is right up there with the finest campy, 60s Halloween Garage nuggets. Just make sure you don’t associate with any real witches this year  –rye

5)  And watch out for Ghosts in the Trees by Thee Oh Sees –caitiebee

6) …as well as the ghost in your house. Remember, on Halloween you’re never safe! PS: Maybe you know the Motown version, but I prefer the prolific Mark E. Smith and The Fall’s take on “There’s A Ghost In My House” –rye

7)  Want to do something really scary? Start to google “Will We Survive?” and see all of the frightful reasons why the internet thinks a zombie apocalypse is near. Or just listen to Swans and remember that it could have already started… –caitiebee

8)  Or freak yourself out with Laurie Anderson’s “The Day The Devil.” for when the Devil comes to a town near you –rye

9)  Always wait until it’s DARK ENOUGH to trick or treat, nothing haunted comes out in broad daylight, listen to HEALTH while you wait –caitiebee

10)  When you’re finally out and about, throw on “Freaking Out The Neighborhood“–  A favorite past time of this time of year (making your loved ones concerned about you, that is) —rye

12)  Anddd the song that terrifies me the absolute most that I still want to listen on repeat always and forever IxC999 by White Ring –caitiebee

Music to Dance on the Graves to…

Hallow’s Eve is upon us, folks, which means that many of you will be “abroad on your baneful midnight errands”, as Scottish poet Robert Burns so eloquently puts it. Whether your night includes patronizing your local dry ice-shrouded haunted house or avoiding eye contact with large bags of Butterfinger minis at the store, it simply won’t be complete without a sufficient soundtrack of terror-inducing sounds.  Purvey this playlist from your porch speakers to ensure that no poorly dressed miscreants come near your doorstep and demand free sweets on the merits of a poorly assembled costume.

This playlist comes in size XL only, because we love this damn holiday. And you.

1. Let’s start with my favorite super-group of all time, The Flesh Eaters. From their album A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die, which just recently saw a re-release, here’s Digging My Grave – caitiebee

2.   Danny Weed’s “Creeper” is a trudging behemoth of an instrumental, notorious for two things: destroying dance floors, and being extremely difficult to come by on vinyl. Listen why. –rye

3.  We all have our Halloween rituals, such as staying inside like a hermit and sipping atrocious pumpkin-infused beer and tolerating the presence of the questionable poltergeist that comes around this time of year. Creep on creepin’ on with Timber Timbre’s murky “Bad Ritual“. –rye

4.  I don’t think that there can be a Halloween playlist without Oingo Boingo – how about some Violent Love. -caiteebee

5.   Nothing gets me in the mood for Halloween more than the Fantomas’ “The Director’s Cut”, an album composed of wonderful avant-garde metal covers of various horror/thriller movie themes, including Twin Peaks and Charade. The culprits of this demented offering include members from Slayer, The Melvins and Mr. Bungle. Here’s their take on “Spider Baby” –rye

6. This one speaks for itself – Halloween by Siouxsie and the Banshees -caitiebee

7. How about the man that actually sold his soul to the devil, or so they say, Robert Johnson. Legend has it that deep in the Mississippi Delta, bluesmen could wait at an abandoned crossroad for the devil to come and tune their guitar – while simultaneously exchanging your soul for incredible talent, success, and easy women. From the sounds of it, Johnson may well have made that trade, listen to Me and the Devil Blues. -caitiebee

8. A musical tradition that I find to be beyond fascinating is the murder ballad in country and folk music. Most are creepy especially because of their upbeat and happy nature (see Lyle Lovett’s “LA County”). I thought I’d pick just a full-on creepy one – Tom Waits doing his own rendition of the traditional murder tune “The Twa Sisters” about a girl drowning her own sister in a river….Two Sisters -caitiebee

9. Merrill Garbus is making major waves nowadays, but she’ll always make me return to the chilling closer from her “Whokill” album, which plays like a sparse, demented lullaby that seems like it could’ve been on her Birdbrains record. Here’s Wooly Wolly Gong –rye

10.  And it’s not the 31st of October until you’ve fended off evil spirits with some Zamrock – Dark Sunrise by Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tuya -caitiebee

11.  Hammer Horror“, one of the chilling highlights of Kate Bush’s “Lionheart”, exhibits her renown as a master storyteller. The song tells the tale of an actor who accepts a role in a production of “The Huncheback of Notre Dame” in place of a recently deceased friend. She grapples with the guilt of her decision and the apparition of the actor who haunts her on set. –rye

12.  In the spirit of menacing specters haunting theaters, how can we celebrate Halloween without enjoying a cut from the killer soundtrack of “Phantom Of The Paradise”, a rock opera cult film that weaves narrative elements of FaustPhantom of The Opera and The Picture of Dorian Gray? Some view the film as a metaphor for the vampiric nature of the music business, and I’m not one to argue. The track listing credits fictional band “The Undead” as this song’s artist, though most know that Paul Williams was the chief creative force behind the film’s music. Enjoy “Somebody Super Like You” –rye

13. If you haven’t had to already, have fun scraping the jack-o-lantern sludge off your front porch! Whistle while your work to World Inferno/Friendship Society’s Pumpkin Time -caitiebee

14.   As I continue to obsess over “Phantom Of The Paradise”, it makes me think of a recurring line from Scott Walker’s disturbing “See You Don’t Bump His Head“– a pummeling cut from his recent “Bish Bosch” record. “Like plucking feathers from a swan song.” –rye

And with that, we bid you adieu. Be safe, ya’ll!