We¬†met a kid outside of Ralphs selling chocolate bars the other week. Figuring he was doing a school fundraiser, I asked, “What are you selling these for?” He responded, “Oh, well, as a part-time job, you know, to stay out of trouble…” he smiled with a grin full of metal braces, “I also want to make enough to rent some time in a recording studio.” I asked what kind of music he did, he replied that he rapped. I asked if he would rap for us, he said, “Sure, it’s gonna be explicit though…” Needless to say, we almost bought the whole damn chocolate box.

One day, I’ll stumble upon the music he’ll record. But for now, I like this other 17-year-old rapper named Yo$hwa. Some might know that I have an affinity towards musicians with dollar signs in their name, but there’s a lot more to this boy than just the $$$. Check out “Homeward” off his mixtape Sweet Solar System.