Music to Trot the Globe to…

Somehow we’ve found ourselves halfway though summer 2015.

I hope that some of you have had the chance to vacate your desk for more than a long lunch break to catch some well deserved and muy importante vacay time. And perhaps a few of you are gearing up to take off soon. Whether you’re headed to Paris, France or Paris, Texas, we’ve got some tunes to guide you on your journey.

1) We all need a trip, don’t we? Get ready with Vacationer –caitiebee

2)  Dengue Fever’s “Tiger Phone Card”, a call-and-response duet that beautifully chronicles the tribulations of a long-distance relationship, is a great travel companion for an Ambien-fueld flight across the globe to visit a significant other. —rye

3)  Speaking of Ambien-fueled plane rides, this cut from James Pants emulates the blissful experience of gazing over the ocean from the cabin window once your substance-of-choice kicks in. —rye

4) I’ve never met a city I couldn’t get lost in, loving this new cover of Frank Ocean’s “Lost” by Major Lazer and MØ –caitiebee

5) Have you ever taken a night boat? I did once, from Italy to Greece, let’s just say that there were pet chickens roaming around the top deck and a few people who may or may not have been gypsies. Madness knows the madness in “Night Boat to Cairo” (Make sure you watch this video!) –caitiebee

6)  If ridesharing is your preferred means of travel (like John Waters), ask your driver to throw on Marvin Gaye’s “Hitch Hike.” —rye

7) You might just meet someone to sing along to Elastica’s “Car Song” with… –rye

8) My preferred method of travel will always be walking, putting my own footprints all over a foreign land. A Tribe Called Quest knows what I’m talking about, not to mention that Stevie Wonder sample will always brighten my day. –caitiebee

9)  You’re bound to need a taxi/uber/pedicab/chariot at some point no matter where you end up. Let Bobby Benson’s “Taxi Driver (I Don’t Care)” tag along—rye

10) Culture clashes are inevitable, but sometimes they can be so beautiful. Like that one time that Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons toured India, met the Dharohar Project and made some pretty great music. Check out “Devil’s Spoke: Sneh Ko Marg” –caitiebee

11)  The Box Tops – The Letter: A classic about about the urgency of needing to see your lover. RIP Wayne Carson, one of the song’s writers who passed earlier this week.  —rye


I’m extremely shallow as far as record shopping is concerned. I’m routinely seduced buy intriguing album covers and will throw it in the bag a la Fabolous without giving a listen.  So when I came across the cover of an Ilaiyaraaja compilation that included the tagline “Euphoric Electronics + Robotic Funk” in 80s calculator font (not to mention a man rocking old-school Adidas shoes), I pulled the trigger.

Turns out the maestro behind these wondrous compositions is South Indian composer Ilaiyaraaja, also known as the The Crown Prince Of Tamil Pop. His prolific and diverse career includes many flirtations with western music ideas, and on the “Ilectro” collection, he fuses 80s funk, electro and synth pop with Kollywood sensibilities.

As usual, the label behind this release (Finders Keepers) never fails to impress with their knack for unearthing rare and addictive gems from around the globe. I fantasize about the day the label offers a sweepstakes similar to the early 90s Nickelodeon Super Toy Run, where contestants had the chance to win a 5-minute dash through a Toys ‘R’ Us and throw as many items as possible in a shopping cart for theirs to keep. I’ll continue to dream about this day while I play the living hell out of this record. Here’s “Don’t Compare