Music to Accompany the Last Night of Freedom…

Planning a stag party? Buck’s Night? Hens Night? Or a good ol’ fashioned bachelor(ette) party to honor the bride or groom-to-be?  We’ve got you covered.  Just know that we can’t be held responsible for the activities that occur.

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1.  Roll out big with your “Posse In Effect”, which should always include Adam Yauch, Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond. —rye

2. Because we all love any excuse to pull all of our Friends together to drink too much and dance to Seven Davis Jr. —caitiebee

3.  If you end up at a particularly salacious venue, you can sing along with Ernie K-Doe to “Here Come The Girls”—rye

4.  Since tonight may be your last hurrah, it’s alright to Stare a little.  —rye

5. So grab a seat in the party bus or the strip club to hear all of our favorite guilty pleasures, like Rihanna’s  “Love in a Hopeless Place” — this is the Star Slinger Remix — caitiebee

6. And whether you are with the Bucks or the Hens, we all love Drunk Girls — caitiebee

7. We are dancing! Warm up those muscles before the twerking begins with “Doses and Mimosas” by Cherub — caitiebee

8.  Take it from Leonard Cohen on the uncharacteristically funky “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On” from “Death Of A Ladies Man.”  Phil Spector produces, Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan do back-up vocals. There’s a bachelor party I’d like to be a part of. —rye

9. And don’t forget why we are celebrating, these poor saps might be together forever. — caitiebee

10. Marriage is for Old Folks…but tonight you are young and tomorrow’s hangover won’t kill you yet. — caitiebee

11.  “I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight” – The Kinks. Hopefully you won’t have to worry! —rye