Premiere! – “Science Camp” by Ghost Tiger

Santa Barbara’s Ghost Tiger is set to release a new EP in early 2015, Some Friends Feel Like Family. Lucky for you – here in 2014, we’ve got our hands on the first single and are premiering it exclusively for you.

Quick warning: if you aren’t looking to have a song stuck in your head all week, don’t you dare hit that play button. It’s an earworm for sure.

Beyond catchy though – it’s dynamic, thoughtful, and kind of makes me want to run through a field of tall grass. “Science Camp” marks an exciting change in style for the band. It is bolder and more energetic than anything we’ve heard from them before, and we can’t wait to hear what more is to come.

The full EP will be available on January 13, 2015. And if you are in the Santa Barbara area, be sure to swing by their album release party at SoHo on Saturday, January 17.

Without further adieu ladies and gentlemen – “Science Camp”


As mentioned in the last post, we used to frequent a co-op called Biko in college. They had this tiny, poorly ventilated (but very well decorated) garage that they’d throw shows in. By the time that our 4 years in Santa Barbara were up, we’d seen a WIDE array of acts…from spoken word about “kitties” to Harry and the Potters to folk-punk like Andrew Jackson Jihad to Adult Swim and Christian Science public television personality David Liebehart (a show that I still to this day have not fully digested). It was a wacky and sweaty scene, but always an unforgettable time (for better or for worse).

Some shows were good, others were just downright odd, but often we’d stumble across incredible gems that we could have never have seen otherwise.

As I’ve gathered, Berkeley has this scene but on steroids. I’ve never visited, but I have picked up on some of their local bands. Here’s the song I’ve had on repeat all week, straight out of the Berkeley co-ops with a tropical twist, take a listen to Waterstrider.

Biko had it’s own talent flourish by the way, check out my personal favorite Heavy Flow.

New Ghost Tiger track ‘BirdFeeder’ — Premiere!!

Moving to Santa Barbara from LA for college seemed a daunting task for a music fanatic. Fortunately what I found amongst the surfer tans and Oprah’s mansion was a beautiful and flourishing music scene, filled with lovers, performers and supporters alike. And during my 4 years in town, local indie rockers Ghost Tiger led the pack of performers set to do big things.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with these cats a few times now, including an in studio session at SB’s community radio station KCSB. Time and time again I am impressed by their work, and their new 7″ BirdFeeder is no exception.

That said, we are thrilled to premiere “BirdFeeder”, the A-side of Ghost Tiger’s first ever studio release! Make sure your dancing shoes are tied and ready ladies and gents.

If you are in the Santa Barbara area, please be sure to check them out at SOhO Restaurant & Music Club on Thursday, June 6 for their release show.

For more tunes by Ghost Tiger, check them out on soundcloud or Facebook