Music to Four Twenty to…

While you won’t find “Legalize It!” bumper stickers on our cars or cannabis hennas on our ankles, you’ll find that we can appreciate the joy that comes from the day that currently has a petition to make it an official calendar holiday. So we’ve crafted a playlist for you to embrace the annual phenomenon that is 420. Be safe and enjoy!

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1.  This guy has been churning out mo quality material than you can shake a spliff at, but his second EP contains one of his smoothest jams, named after the smoothest of drinks. Indulge in Mo Kolours’ “Banana Wine“. –rye

2. Let’s keep the smooth jams coming, and what’s better than a really dirty song from D’Angelo and Method Man, “Left and Right” –caitiebee

3. Get ready to discuss some “Deep Ass Shit” that as Das Racist says, “you’ll only understand when you’re high” –caitiebee

4.  In “Jeeper Creeper“, Caribou collaborator Sinkane re-appropriates the bass line of Yeasayer’s “2080” with magical, high-friendly results –rye

5.  The Sea and Cake are blissful. And so is the band, whose song “The Leaf” will keep you in the right space. –rye

6. Black Moth Super Rainbow, my favorite band that makes no sense, with “Hairspray Heart” –caitiebee

7.  Since Black Sabbath and Dub Reggae are the first two things that pop into my head when I think of that sweet leaf/ganja, let’s hear something that combines the two in the form of the Venetian Snares edit of “Electric Funeral” –rye

8. As a high schooler who likes music, you get stuck with a lot of stoner friends, even if the smell of weed makes you hack up a lung. So I know that no decent pot playlist is complete without Eek a Mouse and Gangja Smuggling, but let’s listen to “Wa Do Dem.” — caitiebee

9.  With “Muizenberg“, South African group John Wizards has proven they know how to produce a groove that is fuzzy and titillating, like a good high. I mean, if I knew anything about that.  –rye

10.  The king of purple (among other things…) Rick James with “Mary Jane” –caitiebee

11.  While perhaps obvious to professional, undercover potheads, don’t forget your eye drops if you plan on going back into work after partaking in the 420 festivities. Remember in style with Lemonade’s “Eye Drops”  –rye

12. For your 4:20 pool party, here’s “Playground” by Major Lazer –caitiebee

13. I really like the trend of stoners transitioning from reggae and classic rock to the MOST insane electronic music around. Let’s hear “Get Yourself High” by The Chemical Brothers to salute it. –caitiebee

14.  Inevitably, you’ll have to parachute back down to earth. The Radio Dept. can help you with “Never Follow Suit.” –rye